Solar PV – Warehouse & Factory

The Brief:
Design a financially viable solar system to reduce the yearly electricity bill for the factory and warehouse.

  • Improve the business’s carbon footprint
  • Supply energy to three buildings from one rooftop
  • Make use the existing metal roof covering


The Solution:

There was plenty of free rooftop space at this London based manufacturer’s site. Enough space to fit 330 panels or 90kWp. Our engineer carried out a free feasibility survey, wind and load calculations and a risk assessment / method statement and construction programme. The works were completed and certified in under 2 weeks with minimal disruption to the operation of the company. Our team worked over the weekend to carry out the final connection.

Generation capacity: 90kWp

Estimated annual output: 80,000kWh

Estimated annual savings :  Up to £10,000 @12p per kWh

Estimated annual income:  £3200

Approximate Cost of the System: £85,000

Approximate Return on investment:  Up to 16% per annum

System Lifespan: 25 Years with one change over of inverter

Maintenance Programme: Low maintenance. Bi-annual clean and annual inspection.

CO2 savings: 30,000 kg per annum

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